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Meet Advanced OM

Embark on your healing path

Embark on a holistic healing journey with Advanced OM. With a profound dedication to restoring balance and well-being, I have been practicing the healing arts since 2002. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to address your unique needs, guiding you towards optimal health and vitality. Witness the transformative power of ancient healing techniques. Reach out today to begin your healing process.

Acupuncture Close Up


Using thin sterile needles we can activate the healing process, regulate the body, alleviate pain. These are precise points which have been utilized for thousands of years.

Custom Herbal Medicine

Customized Herbal Medicine may be prescribed, to aid your healing process.  These formulas are natural and safe and have been used for thousands of years.

Advanced Modalities

In certain cases your practitioner may choose to use additional therapies like moxibustion, Tuina, Amma Therapy, Myofascial Release,  to name a few to enhance your treatment and further promote healing.

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